" Worry comes from the belief you are powerless." -Robert Anthony

Monday, April 23, 2018


If I like most vegetables
and you prefer corn and peas
that doesn't mean 
I have to give up other vegetables.

If I like to read
and you prefer the television
agreeably it is a challenge
but not impossible.

If I am angry and fearful
and you are calm and loving
we may have clashes
but we also have a counter-balance.

If you are Republican
and I am a Democrate
it only means 
we have different political views.

If I am black skinned
and your skin color is another
our hearts still beat the same
but our life experiences may be different.

How we were raised
and what we were exposed to
programs and shapes how we feel 
determining if we see "us" or "them".

Being human
often means seeking the familiar
and differences feel like rejection;
In those times we must seek our Spirit....

It boils down to love and fear
we are all mostly one or the other.
Those with love have more responsibility
to help those with fear.

Those who prefer to keep
rather than share
may have never experienced
needing a helping hand.

A stranger is no longer one
after we meet and contribute;
it's interesting to find common ground
unless you prefer judgment and prejudice.

We don't have to be "best friends"
but can't we see the honor to agree to disagree?
Respect for our differences
is the beginning of the solution.

If there is 360 degrees within a circle
and the circle is a symbol of wholeness
then let us start with the concept
there are at least 360 ways to look at any problem.

I wish we all knew
our souls are eternal...
We've been here before
but we didn't get it right then either....

Maybe this time
today, this moment, 
we can strive to make a difference
for the better...

Our Souls want to belong
Our Spirits want to expand.
Our Human-ness want to be right...
Combine it all and it is pure potential....

© dkb

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Hurried Woman....

The past two months
there has been road work 
in the middle of the road
traveling down the hill
from where we live.
The entire community 
knows about it...

So this morning
while driving to class
a young woman in a big, grey, Ford truck
sped up to cut me off 
to get one vehicle ahead
of me...

It was like she thought
she was invisible
and no one could see
her disregard
and rudeness.

I had left early
because I don't like to rush,
so I observed her
but did not allow her actions
to disturb my drive...

I watched her break lights
go on and off
as she weaved herself
in and out of cars
all the way down the hill...

I'm choosing to believe
she had an emergency
and praying she got there safe.
I bless you hurried woman
and wish you well....

© dkb

Friday, August 11, 2017

Fight or Flight...

Living in a constant state
of "fight or flight" drains you
of all energy to create
and to appreciate the moment.
© dkb

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Building Bridges....

life is a raging river
full of cascading waterfalls
rushing over jagged rocks
with time polishing them smooth
emptying into calm ponds
God is the ocean
we are the tiny tributaries
working our way back to the ocean
we are flexible in spirit
yet rigid in flesh
we keep returning
to the familar
 suspension bridge
with frayed ropes 
and missing planks
instead of trusting ourselves
to venture on a new path
of the sturdy log
firm and wide...waiting....
for us to build hand rails
as we work our way across.

© dkb

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Friday, March 10, 2017

"We can only dance
to the tunes we create."

© dkb

Monday, January 23, 2017

"The greatest gift you can give to me
is to seek me out
accept me as I am
be with me in any given moment
and listen with your heart."

© dkb