" Worry comes from the belief you are powerless." -Robert Anthony

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Consciousness expands....

As I wade into
the 3rd act of my life,
the more I realize
how healthy it is
to go within.
Meditation has become
a way to check my life
for leaks.
Being mindful
of what drains my energy
and what lifts me up.
What makes others happy
or some one's unsolicited advice
may not work for me.
The old axiom,
'be your own best friend'
is so true...
If I don't take the time
within myself,
it is too easy
to become distracted.
I am my first
line of defense
knowing myself the best.
When I am peaceful
within my mind and body,
silence is not threatening.
I welcome the insights,
in being true to myself,
which flow gently into my life
like waves upon the shore.
Consciousness expands...

© dkb